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Qur'anic / Hifz Curriculum:

Assalamu Alaikum

Our Quranic / Hifz Curriculum is designed for completion of memorization of the Qur’an within 4 - 6 years, contingent upon student's ability and parental support.

Our program consist of the following three parts:

  • Sabaq: New Lesson
  • Sabqee: Review of most recent lessons (10-15 pages)
  • Daur: Review of “older” memorized Ajzaa (Parahs)

Additionally, the following assessment periods are implemented:

  • At the end of each Juz' (Parah) the student is then assessed by a third party.  
  • Next, there is bi-annual assessment of all memorized Surahs.

Our Foundation classes teaches students the fundamentals of the Qur’anic Arabic, and proper Tajweed before beginning memorization.

Our Hifz program consist of three levels: Foundation; Intermediate & Advanced (Hifz) Level.