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Hifz Academy Tuition Assistant Program

Assalamu Alaikum

Hifz Academy prides its self on being a leader in our community in providing tuition assistance to any family in need. Our vision focuses to making Qu'ran education possible for any student who wants to embraces it, learn to read it, memorizes it and live by it. 

Procedure for Requesting Tuition Assistance

  • First, families in need must provide a letter of request with a brief explanation of their situation and financial need.
  • Second, families in need must complete the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment online application and upload all required documents.
  • Third, the application will be reviewed by Tuition Assistant Committee and a decision will be made on the amount awarded. 
  • Fourth, the amount awarded is communicated with the family and the awarded amount is applied to the family FACTS Tuition account.