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Admissions New Student

Assalamu Alaikum,
Hifz Academy is a K-12th grade private Islamic School that offers both Hifz and Academics. Our Mission is to provide a safe and healthy Islamic environment that inspires our students to memorize and practice the teachings of the Holy Qur’an while striving to achieve academic excellence. 

Hifz Academy welcomes parents and students who will embrace our vision, whose desire is to learn, memorize and live by the Qur'an, and those who will work diligently to attain success among all core academic subjects. 

Prior to admission, we encouraged all parents to visit our campus, observe our school setting during a normal school day and have their child shadow in their specific grade level if needed. We understand that not everyone may be the right fit for Hifz Academy, however, we want to ensure that you are comfortable with our school settings and that Hifz Academy is the right fit for you.  

Admission Process:

  • Please click here to create your PARENT ACCOUNT.  After you created your account, an email link will be sent to your email account for you to verify your email.
  • Next, click here to log into your parent account and complete our online student admission application.
    • The following admission documents are needed to complete your online application:
      • Personal Documents Required
        • Birth Certificate
        • Florida Physical Health Examination Form DH 680 (Out-of-state/country transferred Forms are acceptable and are good for 30 days). *For students entering 6th/7th Grade Health Form must reflect scoliosis screening date and result. For student entering K-12 Health Form must reflect Visions & Hearing screening date and result. Health Form must be within 12 months from date of last health examination.
        • Florida Certification of Immunization Form DH 3040 (Out-of-state/country transferred Forms are acceptable and are good for 30 days).
        • Child custody court documents, required if parents are divorced/ separated and share custody of any child/children
      • Academic Documents Required

        •  Report Card / Progress Report (Must provide most current and previous year)
        • Transcript (Showing credits granted for HS courses, courses taken via FLVS and Dual Enrollment courses completed)
        •  Standardized Test: ACT/SAT/PSAT/FCAT/MAP etc. (Must provide most current and previous year records)
        • Discipline Report (Previous school's detailed discipline file/report)
        • Recommendation Letter from at least two previous teachers 
        • Individual Educational Plan (IEP)/ Individual Service Plan (ISP) / Psychological Evaluation Report / 504 Plan / Speech or Physical Therapy / Gifted (While we are requesting these documents to be able to evaluate potential candidates for admission, our school have limited resources, and we may not be able to accommodate all applicants)

After all documents are uploaded, you will have the opportunity to review your application for completeness before submitting it. Our online application fee is $30 per student and must be paid for your application to be submitted. Hifz Academy will only look at submitted applications. Applications are processed in the order they are received. Incomplete applications will be return to parents if it contains missing or incomplete information or documents are missing, so please do your best to provide everything that is needed prior to submission.